Customer Service

Customer Service



  1. Redesigning
    Old jewellery designs that you won’t wear anymore? Talk to our in-house designers, and see what magic they can do to bring life to your jewellery. Consultation is free, appointment recommended.


  2. Refurbishing / Restoration
    Want your jewellery to look brand new again? Refurbishing includes in-depth cleaning and helps remove fine scratches from jewellery through polishing, completed with finishing. (Additional rhodium plating for 750 white gold items)


  3. Cleaning
    Dirt may be trapped in your jewellery during daily activities. Using an ultrasonic cleaning machine enables thorough cleaning to be done even in hard to reach areas.(Not recommended for fragile stones such as Emeralds, corals and pearls.) Cleaning is only able to remove surface dirt trapped, for services that make jewellery look brand new see Refurbishing

  4. Repair & Alteration  
    We understand that accidents do happen. On Cheong Jewellery’s in-house workshop provides the following repair services:

    – Tightening of clasps
    Replacements for stones, clasps,
       (Available for rings, bracelets and chains etc. (Same day collection depending on complexity of repair)


  5. Engraving
    Want a personalise message? Engraving can be done on most rings, for engraving of other jewellery product or Mandarin characters please enquire in stores.


  6. Ear Piercing
    On Cheong Jewellery uses hand pressure piercing instrument that makes ear-piercing a quiet and gentle process. Thin and sharp-pointed pins facilitate easy piercing and rapid healing. Call to make an appointment for a safe and comfortable ear piercing experience.



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