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Our Brand

On Cheong

The name On Cheong or 安昌 is derived from 平安昌盛, meaning Peace and Prosperity.

It is a symbol of heritage since 1936.

The Diamond

The diamond is a symbol of strength and vitality. It reflects the timeless, elegant creations and radiance of our jewellery.

Est. 1936

The brand history is encapsulated in the statement. Our longevity is a symbol of reliability and integrity that we promise to deliver.

The Colour Gold

Gold is value and signifies wealth and prosperity. It illustrates On Cheong’s humble beginnings as a traditional goldsmith shop in 1936, and our commitment to be a premier jewellery brand of distinctive value.

The Colour Green

The shade of pine reflects an evergreen brand, with elegance and longevity portraying the essence of our dignified heritage.


“Crafted by time, cherished for generations.”

On Cheong is best represented by the four On Cheong icons, Prosperity, Diamond, Happiness and Longevity. Each element is derived from the brand’s heritage and philosophy.


“Prosperity’’ is a symbol of success and Peace,it is our founder’s wish for the future. The prosperity symbol is applied to all POS materials associated with the brand.


‘’Diamond’’ symbolizes strength and vitality. The brilliance of the diamond represents timeless jewellery creations and the multi-facets symbolises wide range of our product offering to suit the different needs of our customers.


“Happiness” symbolises On Cheong’s promise to delight our customers by delivering excellent and personalised customer service. It also creates a conducive working environment for all our employees to feel safe and happy.


“Longevity” symbolises On Cheong’s everlasting reliability and integrity.

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